...where the impossible is just another challenge!

Bodrogi Aron
Bodrogi Áron, Chief Executive Officer

It is very important for us to create and provide a workplace based in Szeged, where our colleagues and professionals aspiring for continuous development and learning can find security in their everyday lives, whether it be economically or personally during both easier and more challenging times. We aim to offer them a long-term perspective and a place where they are happy to come to work, and where they feel comfortable, all while contributing to real value creation in a professional sense. They can work on projects whose results, without exception, will be utilized across various industries.

We believe that if the employees of our company are well-balanced and feel trust, respect, and appreciation from us, they will support the company with their utmost abilities to achieve our business goals and achieve results similar to what we have accomplished so far in the long run! I am very proud of our colleagues and the successes we have achieved together in the past period!

Csiha Mark
Csiha Márk, Founder Owner, Development Director

In 2009, I founded Csiha Electronics and Software Development Ltd. with this mindset, starting out as a garage venture. Thanks to our unparalleled wide-ranging problem-solving abilities and high expertise, we have now evolved into an innovative corporation employing 50 people. Only our team of experts, who share the same mindset and are committed to meeting the challenges and tasks set by you, make me even prouder.

... because for us, the impossible is just another challenge!



We have become a Family-Friendly Company. The company premises are expanded with a new assembly department and office building.


The company's site is expanding with a new assembly department and office building


Transformation of Legal Structure: From LPD. to Plc.


Launch of PGR and HERMES Retail Cash Register System.

In Spring, the PGR, KITE Plc.'s precision farming system, and the HERMES retail cash register system will be launched. Both the hardware and software development of these IT services, along with their software backgrounds, will be provided by CSIHA Plc.


Establishment of a Modern Manufacturing Plant.


Obtaining ISO 9001 Certification.

The ISO management system provides a solid foundation for CSIHA Plc. to better serve its customers. The ISO 9001 certification guarantees sustainable quality development and higher-level satisfaction of customer needs.


April - Purchase of an office building and premises in the city center and relocation.

CSIHA Plc. moves to a 4-story office building in the center of Szeged. The new building opens up new perspectives for both production and development, and its fortunate location and internal parking serve the convenience of customers.


Owner Csiha Márk hands over operational management to Bodrogi Áron.

The organizational development process starts with owner Csiha Márk handing over operational management to Bodrogi Áron.


Launch of the PontMaster loyalty card system developed for CBA Hungary.


Development of the complete infrastructure control system for Szegedi wholesale market.

This year marks the company's first large-scale project, which from the very beginning was known to handle multi-billion transactions in financial terms, and of course, has been running flawlessly since.


Realization of our first national-scale project.

We designed and operated the remote monitoring hardware for the RTK tower network of KITE Plc. covering the entire country. KITE Plc. has since become one of our largest partners in development projects.


Further expansion within the company, now on double-sized premises.

Our PC and server-side software development department is established. Our production continues to grow. In the same year, our first complex system, the Dorozsmai wholesale market vehicle access and payment system, is born.


Csiha Ltd. relocates to three rooms in an office building.

The production organizational unit is established alongside the planning department.


The garage expands to three units.

In this year, the company's first larger-scale serial production takes place, producing 6000 power generators.


Formation of Csiha Elektronikai és Szoftverfejlesztő Ltd.

Founder Csiha Márk embarks on a long journey in a small 17 m² garage with a single desk. The main focus is on embedded microcontroller electronic prototype product development and programming.

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