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Do you want to be proud of what you do?
Do you want to create something lasting?

Then get to know CSIHA Plc. and join us! Resourcefulness, progress, flexibility - these three words can describe both the founder of CSIHA Plc. and the company itself. Resourcefulness, as a characteristic of the owner, instinctively characterizes the company, and as a result, the unique solutions that emerge bring progress with them. 

In the spirit of progress, on one hand, our activities continuously expand, and along with this, the workplace is also becoming more beautiful and modernized. In the past 11 years, alongside hardware design, a series of activities have emerged in our portfolio: electronic product development, the mass production of our own products, the design of complete systems, and their subsequent operation. Today, we have reached a point where our company manages the complete development projects of several significant companies in Hungary (including hardware, software, and server-side developments).

We believe that all of this cannot happen without a flexible approach. In line with this, we strive not only for our operations and external/internal communications to become more organized, but we also select our leaders with this spirit. With us, you can be a part of a dynamically growing company's youthful team, where there are no "bosses", only very patient, mentor-type leaders who try their best to bring out the best in their teams. We value each other, and this provides the internal strength of the company for our colleagues, as well as the appeal for those applying for open positions. 

With us, you can think about diverse tasks every day and continuously develop, because at CSIHA Plc. 
…where the impossible is just another challenge!

What we offer


Our company sees the use of the latest IT technologies not only as tools, but also actively participates in their development. Our team presents real perspectives to experienced employees with diverse and new challenges, where development is guaranteed even at a senior level.

For Beginners

With your diploma in hand, if you're uncertain which company can best help you acquire the IT skills that align with market demands, CSIHA PLc. offers you a clear vision for the future. We provide access to cutting-edge technologies within a team that is constantly evolving and growing!

For Students

Are you still learning, but would like to gain practical experience in the field of IT? Alongside your studies, we offer hands-on work, learning, and development opportunities at CSIHA Plc! Our best experts will assist you in your work. Building the future depends on your education, and we are committed to it.

What do you win with Csiha?

Csiha's philosophy is to plan for the long term with every employee. Therefore, just like in the selection process, we put equal, if not greater emphasis on retaining our employees and maintaining their motivation. As part of a conscious career management, we outline a perspective for each of our employees, motivating them with long-term financial and career opportunities tailored to their individual abilities and knowledge. To achieve this, we use the following tools:

  • Challenging professional tasks, tangible real-world developments
  • Exploring and harnessing personal development paths
  • Continuous communication with the professional supervisor about the career path
  • Salary increase parallel to skill development
  • Loyalty program for our talented, dedicated professionals
  • Flexible working hours and optional HO opportunities
  • Respecting family life and leisure time to the fullest extent
Csiha kép
Csiha kép

Selection Process at Csiha

At Csiha, our HR processes, including the selection procedure, are no different from other professional processes. We strive for efficiency and optimization, resulting in a process that isn't overly prolonged. We aim to provide feedback and information within a week after each step, ensuring continuous, transparent communication.

At Csiha, no candidate is left without a response! There's nothing worse than waiting endlessly for a response from a company, unsure of what to expect next. We take great care to inform every applicant, even in the case of a negative response. In fact, if someone has progressed to an interview, it's characteristic of us to provide constructive feedback even in the case of rejection, something that the candidate can use for future improvement.

During the selection process at Csiha we assess a candidate from two important perspectives. Firstly, they should be professionally sound in their thinking and be motivated to grow. Secondly, they should be a good fit for the tasks at hand, capable of problem-solving and able to integrate into the team.

Selection Process

Receipt of CV,

Professional Test
Professional Interview
HR support

Offer presentation

What to prepare for and expect in a professional interview

A semi-structured informal conversation with the professional and HR manager, during which your experiences and knowledge will be discussed, and we will also introduce ourselves: both the company and the relevant professional area. It's worth paying attention to the following things:

  • Be Yourself!
  • Be able to present your previous experience and work!
  • Know why you want to join us!
  • Know what you want to achieve in the given position, what motivates you!
  • Be able to articulate your salary expectations.
  • Ask any questions that interest you!

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