Csiha IoT Cloud

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What is Csiha IoT Cloud?

The IoT Cloud is a specialized cloud-based system designed to meet the requirements of the Internet of Things. Our company has successfully developed a complex system  that allows the parallel management of thousands of devices.

The Csiha Cloud enables you to manage your devices quickly and easily from anywhere  at any time.

A Csiha IoT Cloud as an operating platform

The Csiha IoT platform has been specifically developed over the years to support large-scale infrastructures or networks, including nationwide coverage like the GPS tower network (RTK) and the widely used public bike-sharing system operating in several county capitals and major cities in Hungary. Our networks have their own "cloud," and they are connected to them by thousands of BABILON devices developed by us.

What is BABILON?

Data Security and Technology Operations

Data Security and Technology Operations

Your data is safe with us  

Our company places great importance on the security of your data.  
Trust us, we will safeguard it.

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Safe, Flexible, Cost-effective Operation


Affordable Sustainability

Secure Operation

Flexible System

In our developed and distributed systems, we prioritize data security to the highest degree, whether it's financial or temperature data being transmitted between endpoints. While it might seem excessive at first, for us, data security is paramount. In systems designed for our clients, we strive for the highest possible security levels. We won't allow even the tiniest piece of information to fall into unauthorized hands or be lost. Another cornerstone of secure operation is access control. The BABILON system allows for an extremely high level of access control for users: it can be precisely defined who can see what devices, settings, and what modifications they can make.

We consider it crucial that in such a serious, large-scale system, everything has an "owner," everything has someone responsible for it. 

For traceability, we store everything historically. It's not just the information coming from the devices that gets stored, but also every modification and event. The system logs who logged in, what they modified, when they modified it, and what they changed from and to. In specific cases, it even tracks deletions. The stored events are accessible indefinitely.

In BABILON, there is also the possibility to integrate various devices from other sources (third parties) into the BABILON system. 

We are capable of not only software integration but also hardware integration. In many cases, this allows us to make infrastructure development even more cost-effective and simpler.

In the BABILON system, we communicate with messages that require very low amounts of data. Therefore, the transmitted data volume is extremely low, both in GSM and traditional network scenarios.


Please get in touch with us!


Please get in touch with us!

Our winning applications:

Our winning applications: