We have been working in the engineering informatics since 2009. Our partners are helped and supported by our unique solutions. Using the cutting edge technologies Csiha Plc.’s special experts and their deep experience in product and software developing are providing the quality of result. 


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Why Csiha ?

When we develop a new complex project, our experience in the IoT provides the best „smart” solution. Csiha Plc.’s engineering team can develop and make the best product for our satisfied clients.​ 

Our currently working devices

Our main specializations: electronic and software engineering, developing. We have been working on diversified sectors in IT, microcontroller or Mobile application, unique hardwer or common we discovered and reach the goals of clients. Csiha defines and solves real problems. 

Our complex systems


A System behind the System  

Babilon is the Csiha Plc.’s self developed framework. It contains hardwer and software components which can be supported and controlled various complexity systems.​ 


Our long-term partners

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What we offer is essential for you!

You've always wanted a place where you can engage and mobilize your creativity, right? Where you're not just working, but creating? You can do that with us! The projects are incredibly diverse, offering numerous professional challenges, ensuring your continuous growth.

Are you interested in the world of IoT, Smart City, and other 'smart gadgets'? We have good news! Because we apply these technologies on a daily basis in our new developments and projects. With us, you won't be dealing with repetitive tasks, but rather tackling unique and complex problems together.  



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Our winning applications:

Our winning applications: